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Michael Tmad Finney- humble beginnings

I don't actually remember when I first picked up a pencil and started to draw, but I was told that I was quite young. The only thing I know for certain, is that as far back as I can remember, I can't recall a time that I didn't draw.

I spent most of my time inside drawing, while others would be outside playing. I seldom ventured out, I was totally content with sitting at a table forging my creativity. As I grew in age, so did my progression in my artistic talent.

By the age of nine, an artist friend of my mother's challenged me to copy one of his drawings free handed. When I had completed the task, he informed me that I did very well for my age and if I continued to practice, that I would grow in skill in my older years. It was at that time that I knew that I wanted to become an artist, and I continued to practice and develop my skill.

When I entered into Junior High, I was one of a handful of children that gave the art teacher the inspiration to confront the School board at that school to create an Advanced Art Class for Eighth Grade. She seen that a select few of students possessed the love and skill for art that was deserving of extra attention towards that skill.

High School provided me with several specific classes focused on art, in which I signed up for all of them in the course of four years. I enjoyed all the classes yet loved painting class the most, oils in particular was a special passion. I loved the way it blended, the smell and the final results that oil paints possessed..

Outside of High School, the only training or study have been Self taught. I have researched other Artist's works and Biographies in order to understand their technique and style and to help progress in my artistic skill.

Learning is an ever constant, and research is a vital step in every piece I create. Looking to past greats to ensure that my creation holds true to their measure is a foundation of my artistic ambition.

Where it began- the roots of Emotionism

When I was in High School, I took an art appreciation class. I learned about the different styles and those who paved the way. I also learned that color could be used to cause an emotional response in those who viewed the piece.

This caught my attention and peaked my interest. I found myself drawn to the works of Salvador Dali, Pablo Picasso and Edvard Munch. Munch's attempt at emotional expression was the catalyst to my creation of Emotionism,

yet I felt his expressionist style hindered the ability to truly create pieces that could conjure the emotional connection that I wished to capture in my work.

Emotions are deeply rooted in the psychological mind, and I needed to visually portray my work in a way that would connect the Mental plain with a physical expressive realm. This is why Dali, who was obsessed with Freudian theory became a great inspiration to my artistic growth and direction as well as adding an irreplaceable piece to my artistic theory.

Being that the inner workings of thought, can at times be construed or viewed in methods that are somewhat unconventional, meaning that we as humans, are at times abstract in our thinking processes and I felt that an element of that style was needed to compliment a visual interpretation of emotion.

I theorized that Abstract constructs fused simultaneously with expressive and surrealistic features would create, not only a visual of emotional impulses, yet also cause a strong emotional and mental connection in viewing.

That was when a collaboration of different styles to forge one style, a style that would become my life's work had begun.

It has been 26 years since I founded Emotionism, and yet I am still evolving and creating new methods to formulate mentally visual interpretations of our emotions and thoughts.

I hope that my work will one day inspire or simply please the eye of the beholder that can find the beauty in what I have created.

Emotionism- the basic foundation..

Emotionism is a style made from combining surreal, Abstract and expression, along with color and flow, to create a visual of emotion, thought processes and or a piece that resonates an emotional connection through visual form.

Depending on the artist's perspective, Emotionism can be expressed in a wide variety of ways, ranging from an inner psychological manner, to a physical interpretation of gestures.

As long as an expression of Emotion or an inner psychological view of a thought process that could exhibit an emotional response is intended, a piece can be considered Emotionist in form.

Tmad- the origin of a name

The name was accidentally attributed to me when a collaboration with a fellow artist fell through. I and a relative agreed on a business venture of putting our combined art on Tee shirts.

It was an idea I thought of due to the success of "No Fear shirts" that capitalized on catchy phrases during the 80's. I thought that eye catching art, reminiscent to album cover art could be just as successful.

Yet we needed a name that would coalesce with the type of art and something that was original, so I used some initials of our names to create a logo that sounded catchy at the time.

Tmad, pronounced (Tee - Mad) sounded fitting of a brand of crazy Art on shirts. Yet as I continued to draw and attribute the logo as my signature, my business partner found less creative time and was unable to contribute.

I had rudimentary shirts made and sold a few, yet I was never able to produce them to the quality that I imagined, nor was I able to secure a lucrative return to sustain the venture.

In the meantime, people started to refer to me as Tmad, since that was the name I used on my work when I would comb businesses to sell my shirts and prints.

Thus, Tmad became my alias for the brand of art that I would become known for and has become my trademark of sorts for my Emotionist style.

Tmad Art- explaining the Symbolism

Just to give an insight into my artistic theory on Emotionism, the faces are an important symbol I use to express how the mind itself would perceive feeling in a visual form.

To me, the faces represent random thoughts and feelings about a specific thought or feeling when we ponder on the existence of that emotion. These faces have always existed in my Emotionist paintings but they are not the rule or law in Emotionism, only my twist.

The human figure or emotion, as I sometimes refer to it, when used, becomes the main focal point of my expression of emotion which directs the flow and visual. Depending on the context of the piece it is used in, they can be an important part in some of my pieces, for the figure connects the viewer to the emotion in question.

They are indeed separate from the faces that I incorporate into my work, they represent a direct point or a direction, one is meant to focus on. While the faces are meant to be a complete separate entity of thought that compels the viewer to question their meaning and focus..


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